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Expand Your MSP Capabilities with Our Proven Apple Expertise

As a Non-Windows, Apple-driven MSP, Lotus TechPros is here to enhance your services. From small businesses to highly complex enterprises, let Lotus TechPros help you seamlessly integrate Apple devices into your clients’ Windows environments.

Our Complete MSP Solution

Overcome Your Gap in Apple Expertise

As a successful MSP specializing in delivering top-tier Windows IT services, seamlessly integrating Apple devices and technologies into Windows environments can be a frustrating endeavor. Which is why many Windows MSPs adopt a “we don’t do Apple” approach.

As Apple devices become increaingly popular inside the office environment this approach just isn’t a great option for you or your clients. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

Introducing Lotus TechPros, your ideal partner for all Apple-related opportunities.

From small businesses to complex enterprise environments, we are experts in Apple-driven IT products and services and can help you navigate this new terrain. Our exclusive focus on Apple devices means we won’t compete with your Windows business.

We ‘Get’ Enterprise

When it comes to implementing and supporting Apple devices in an enterprise IT environment, Lotus TechPros stands alone.

We possess an in-depth understanding of the nuanced demands of enterprise IT, from ensuring strict compliance and efficient asset tracking to sophisticated device management and stringent access control. We don’t just ‘get’ enterprise; we excel in tailoring our Apple expertise to meet these specific requirements.

Contact us today to discover how we can extend our [Complete]® Apple IT services to your team.

Powerful Apple Pro-Tips Straight to Your Inbox

Our newsletter is designed to keep you informed and one step ahead providing actionable Apple tips to get the most out of your devices, the latest in cybersecurity, and even industry trends.

A Real Win-Win Guaranteed to Keep Your Clients Happy

Partnering with us is simple. We work with you to integrate Apple devices seamlessly into your client’s Windows environment, allowing you to offer a broader range of services.

Ease of Operation

Avoid the complexity of supporting an entirely different computing ecosystem.

Hassle-Free Integration

We provide Apple-specified best practices, gained from years of experience working with Apple.


Secure Partnership

Our Team is committed to supporting you, not competing with you.

Reliable Apple Expertise 

We deliver professional, enterprise-level IT services for your client’s Apple devices.

Keep All Devices Updated

We keep up with Apple security and deployment best practices so you don’t have to.


Cost-Efficient Solution

There is no need to invest in Apple-related hardware or training for your team.

What Our Partners Are Saying…

“Recently, we had the opportunity to refer an Apple-based law firm to Lotus, and the results were outstanding. Their expertise and dedication led to a stellar outcome for our client. Plus, earning referral money in the process was an added bonus!”

Ash M., President & CEO

KAM Info Group

“Restech Solutions couldn’t be happier with our decision to refer an Apple-based swim school opportunity to Lotus TechPros. From the initial consultation to the final implementation, Lotus demonstrated unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. Not only did they deliver exceptional results for our client, but we also earned referral money in the process! Working with Lotus has been a win-win for us.”

David L., Founder & CEO

Restech Solutions

“Partnering with Lotus to augment our team with Apple IT expertise has tremendous for Expert Computer Solutions. Lotus allows us to provide comprehensive support to our clients with both Windows and Apple. We highly recommend Lotus to any MSP looking to elevate their Apple IT game.”

Peter R., CEO & Co-Founder

Expert Computer Solutions

Find Out If Partnering With Lotus TechPros is Right for Your MSP

Don’t let your clients’ Apple needs be a bottleneck to your success. Extend your offerings, keep your clients happy, and grow your business without stretching your resources. Contact us today to partner with Lotus TechPros.

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Lotus TechPros never uses text messages for marketing puproses
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