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Imagine your business no longer having to compromise quality for cost, where your IT systems run with the smoothness and sophistication Apple is renowned for, all backed by a service provider fully committed to your success.

Reliability & Sophistication

[Complete]® combines outstanding IT and cyber security services with the elite charm of Apple, all at prices that rival, and often beat, our Windows-only competitors.

Budget-Friendly Excellence

Our [Complete]® solution offers a transparent fixed-monthly billing model ensuring our clients are never hit with unexpected IT costs or surprise monthly expenses.

Extreme IT Security

Leveraging powerful best practices, our [Complete]® IT solution takes a proactive approach to preventing security incidents and breaches before they happen.

About Complete

[Complete]® Proactive Managed IT Services with New Macs and iPads

It’s a frustrating cycle: tech problems arise, you call for support, wait for the issue to be resolved, and then face the unpredictable expenses in your monthly IT bill. Over time, this not only disrupts business operations but also drains resources. Not to mention, the lack of proactive measures means these issues persist, keeping your team from getting work done.

Isn’t it time businesses had a more predictable, forward-thinking IT partner?

Enter [Complete]®, the revolutionary new IT solution by Lotus TechPros. Designed from the ground up to proactively prevent IT issues from emerging, [Complete]® holistically addresses every facet of an organization’s tech needs—all for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

When We Say [Complete]®, We Mean Complete

From hardware to support, security to ongoing maintenance – [Complete]® has you covered.

Macs & iPads

VoIP Phones

Expert Installation

Ongoing Maintenance

Hardware Warranties

Tech Support

Security & Backups

Professional IT Team

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Our newsletter is designed to keep you informed and one step ahead providing actionable Apple tips to get the most out of your devices, the latest in cybersecurity, and even industry trends.

[Complete]® Is the
Total IT Package

With [Complete]®, businesses are fueled with a robust IT infrastructure that’s tailored specifically for them, all under a predictable, flat-fee structure.

It’s a total IT package that removes the complexities and delivers unparalleled performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other IT companies that only step in when issues arise, our [Complete]® service is designed to proactively prevent problems from happening in the first place. This comprehensive and predictably priced flat-fee service covers all aspects of your IT needs — from Macs, iPads, servers, printers and networks to cloud services and other technology specifically tailored for your business. We keep everything up-to-date and running smoothly. Our approach addresses two major concerns in every tech investment: cost efficiency and technical expertise. With our finely-tuned best practices, honed over years of experience, we ensure not only the quality and reliability of your technology but also offer peace of mind by simplifying the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

For years, Apple has soared above the competition with better usability, security, performance, reliability, aesthetics, and brand loyalty. Apple’s MacBook Pro models are absolute workhorses, garnering descriptions like “the most powerful laptops ever” from technology publications like The Verge.

Here are the four main reasons we love Apple:

  • Superior Engineering
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Unprecedented Innovation

By focusing exclusively on Apple products we can be sure that we always deliver a superior IT experience.

Apple products are often perceived as having higher prices than Windows-based PCs. However, two important factors are frequently overlooked. Firstly, when you compare Apple’s prices with those of similarly equipped business grade PCs from reputable manufacturers, they are quite comparable. Secondly, the initial purchase price is just a fraction of the total cost of ownership. Notably, IBM (Yes, that IBM!) – discovered significant savings with Apple products. They found that using Macs led to savings of $273 to $543 per device compared to PCs. These savings are attributed to lower support costs, the value of software included with Macs, and improved productivity among users. With [Complete]®, Lotus TechPros makes Apple affordable. Our flat-fee billing model covers not just the cost of the devices, but also their integration, management, and maintenance. This means no unexpected expenses or hidden costs. You’ll have a clear understanding of your IT expenditure, which is crucial for effective budget planning.

The flat monthly fee varies depending on the equipment, services and specific solutions your company needs. These factors are all assessed during discovery, and your monthly fee is presented when we meet to discuss the results of our discovery assessment.

When we say complete, we mean [Complete]®. From hardware to support and maintenance, our approach to IT is all-inclusive – and all covered under one, fixed-monthly bill so there are never any surprises.

That said, costs related to physical damage, theft or relocation are not included. Such costs are usually covered by business insurance or budgeted separately.

There is no fee for the discovery process and solution plan. To aid us in the discovery process, all we require is that you fill out a questionnaire when making the appointment.

  1. Our goal is to always be effective without being disruptive so we begin with a technical discovery meeting that generally takes about two hours. Approximately ten days later, we followup with a solution plan and budget. Once the plan and budget are approved, it takes about two weeks to procure any necessary new equipment.
  2. We then set up and test all equipment at off-site at our offices while simultaneously coordinating with other third parties like cloud services providers, internet service providers, cabling installers and others to complete preparations for deployment at your site your site. This helps with minimizing disruptions to your business.
  3. When off-site equipment setup, testing and on-site preparations are completed, we coordinate a mutually convenient schedule to install your new IT systems with as little disruption to your operations as possible.
  4. We are then on-site during initial roll-out to ensure everything is working well and each member of your team is comfortable with the new systems. We also coach your team to get them up to speed on the new system quickly and effortlessly. Initial setup typically takes 60 days from approval to on-site installation, and ongoing maintenance and support continue for the term of the agreement.
  5. Three months before the agreement end date, we start over with an upgrade discovery meeting. Using the businesses current and future needs as a guide, we refresh all equipment with new and current models as needed along and renew the agreement. for another term.
3 years. There are no up-front costs (even for the equipment) and the client pays a monthly, flat-fee that includes initial setup, new equipment, ongoing maintenance, support and equipment warranty. When a [Complete]® agreement is renewed at the end of 3 years, all equipment is refreshed with new equipment.

We are experts at integrating Macs and iPads into a Windows-centric businesses. However, we stick with Apple products when managing desktops, laptops and tablets, though. We find Windows and Android devices are simply not cost effective in creating a user experience and security levels comparable to what Apple products can provide.

We are experts at migrating a Windows based business to Apple and do it for less costs than running a business on Windows.

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Our goal is to always be effective without being disruptive so we begin with a technical discovery meeting to understand the unique IT needs for your business.

Review Your Solution

We then take all the information from our initial meeting and followup with a solution plan and budget, that we can walk through together.

Achieve Excellence

If our solution is the right fit, and the agreement is signed we order all necessary equipment and begin the [Complete]® implementation.

Schedule Your Discovery Call

Ready to enhance the learning experience with the integration and management of Apple devices? Schedule a discovery call with Lotus TechPros today, and let us show you how we can tailor our expert Apple IT solutions to fit your educational institution’s unique needs. 

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