Lotus TechPros

Pipeline Infrastructure Company Outsources IT to Reduce Overhead and Increase Productivity


Scaling IT for Growth Without Hiring

Based in Houston but serving all of North America, Pe Ben USA is a leader in pipeline infrastructure, providing planning, offloading, stockpiling, and stringing of pipeline projects. In the early days, Pe Ben’s project managers also handled IT work. However, as the company grew, the project managers began to neglect IT as their pipeline projects took higher priority. The neglected tech impacted productivity and made the company more vulnerable to cyber-crime. In 2008, Pe Ben evaluated the cost of hiring their own IT team versus outsourcing IT to Lotus TechPros.


Outsourced Full-Service IT Support with Reliable New Hardware

During the discovery phase, Lotus TechPros discovered numerous core issues with Oberti Sullivan’s server and network setup.

[Complete]® was perfect for Pe Ben because they wanted IT to just work, with as little effort taken away from project management as possible. After our discovery meeting, we set them up with new MacBook Pros and replaced the company’s aging servers, network, and phone system.


Reliable IT and VoIP Services at Half the Cost

Pe Ben’s new hardware combined with our proprietary best practices eliminated most of the tech problems that had been slowing down projects and corporate growth. Pe Ben’s project managers can now focus on their own work, rather than having to struggle to keep their computers running.

The new phone system also proved popular because it allowed project managers to have a single business number that they could answer at their desks, on a computer if need be, or on their mobile phones while out in the field. Plus, it reduced distraction by separating business calls from personal phones.

Finally, Pe Ben management appreciated the ease of budgeting—and expensing—the flat monthly cost of [Complete]® rather than having to carry all the company’s technology on the books as depreciating assets. The company calculated that it was spending half as much on [Complete]® as it would have by hiring their own IT team.

“Staying on top of projects is easier now that my business phone number follows me wherever I go, from my desk to the project site. And the MacBook Pro just works, which is a far cry from what we had before.”

— Brock W., Project Manager