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Award-Winning Law Firm Forgets about IT by Choosing [Complete]®


Server and Network Troubles Abound

In 2010, the partners at the Houston employment law firm Oberti Sullivan were using Mac computers through another company that advertised as Mac specialists. They were suffering from a variety of reliability problems. Machines were failing, apps were crashing, and the company server was flaky, either because of the server itself or due to the internal network. After a series of bad experiences, the Oberti Sullivan LLP team decided to hire Lotus TechPros and sign up for [Complete]®.


[Complete]® Eradicates IT Concerns.
During the discovery phase, Lotus TechPros discovered numerous core issues with Oberti Sullivan’s server and network setup. With [Complete]®, Lotus TechPros replaced everything. Every Oberti Sullivan team member now has an iMac or MacBook Pro for office and mobile productivity. We also replaced the network hardware, swapped the old server out, and added a VPN so Oberti Sullivan employees could connect to their server securely while away from the office. Finally, given the confidential nature of legal documents, we ensured that all Oberti Sullivan systems were properly hardened against attack.


[Complete]® Replaces Constant Worry with Peace of Mind
The Oberti Sullivan team has been extremely happy with the switch to Lotus TechPros, and with the near-perfect reliability of their new systems. They tell us that productivity is up, data loss is a thing of the past, and while they hadn’t suffered from a data breach before, they’re more comfortable knowing that Lotus TechPros continually monitors their systems for trouble. They also appreciate the flat monthly fee for [Complete]® because it’s easily budgeted for and eliminates worry over a large, unexpected bill for IT services should some problem occur. They also look forward to automatically getting new Macs every 3 years. “Switching to Lotus TechPros has been a huge productivity boost, and more important, thanks to [Complete]®, we can focus on our clients’ needs rather than fussing with our technology.” — Ed Sullivan